Eswara Prasad Gatamaneni, Managing Partner

With over 25 years of IT experience, Eswara Prasad Gatamaneni defines and articulates ISoftech’s long term business strategy. Prasad play a key role in ensuring the company’s values are upheld, and the organization culture is intact. Further, Prasad is responsible for developing and executing ISoftech’s growth strategy, sales, delivery, and operations. With a Bachelor’s in Engineering from Madras University, Prasad is a recognized leader and brings in rich experience of working with various Corporation such as American Red Cross, MCI Worldcom, Tata Consulting Services, etc.

Nagoor Inaganti, Managing Partner

With more than 25 years’ experience in leading high-growth organizations, Nagoor Inaganti formulates and implements ISoftech Inc’s business strategies. He leads client and partner relationships and new business growth for ISoftech across North America and supports expansion and business development efforts in emerging technologies. Nagoor is a recognized leader in the industry and has the experience of working with large corporations that include US Department of Agriculture, Fannie Mae, American Red Cross, Sprint, Verizon Corporation, LexisNexis Corporation, RadioShack, K-Mart, and Gateway. Nagoor holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship from Babson College, Massachusetts, and is a certified Small Business Entrepreneur from Boston University through NMSDC.