Product Development

We make great ideas to extraordinary products

ISoftech’s product development team works with the latest and greatest technology and industry experts. ISoftech aims to transform great ideas into products. This is achieved through process know-how, best of capabilities and a customizable platform. Our solutions span the complete product lifecycle.We build all our products with a cross functional approach; working closely with technology, design, strategy, market needs and scalability of the product designed. We take in the best practices in the industry and ensure the product designed is customized to the client’s current goals and also scalable to the future requirements. We mostly work directly on specific products, roadmaps, and portfolios, creating top-line value and institutionalizing capabilities to sustain best practices.

  • Ideas to Value Design- Our detailed understanding of the clients’ requirement with aggressive time and cost management helps us to deliver a remarkable product. Our products are also built on business, market and consumer insights.
  • R &D – We create products that help organizations to achieve their targets. This could be for streamlining a process, generating reports or even to develop a road map for the client’s vision. The products are usually in aligning with the management’s strategy. This could mean turning client’s vision into a full-fledged product.


Data Sense is an ISoftech developed Enterprise Business Intelligence product. The product is targeted towards use as part of Campaign and Constituent services. The product development was completed in a phased manner. Phase 1 of the product features are geared towards use by political and non-profit organizations while Phase 2 of the product will be geared to meet the requirements of small and big business.

ISoftech team built an elastic search engine to perform elastic searches that allows a wide variety of search capabilities and does not restrict to just use of First or Last names as is normally done through majority of the off the shelf search products. Tool capabilities include electric search, dynamic tagging, email list, walk list, call list, mail list, call survey, dynamic dashboard for individual and household use. These lists can be generated in a wide variety of formats including PDF to allow for easy mailing. Tagging functionality is a critical functionality that allows for connecting the right people to the right information. The tool has capability to calculate propensity based on their prior and current interests. This product is useful for businesses and people who are in hospitality and service industries that need to reach out to general population on a regular basis. The application also has capability to create surveys based on Geo/Demographic info which is helpful to analyze and receive feedback on services provided. We used the facet technology to identity right people based on their interest, location and other tagging information. The application is also integrated with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.