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ISoftech has been delivering best in the industry IT Consultants consistently to our clients with a fundamental idea of “Right person for the right job?. Beyond finding a person who is technically fit, we also look for someone who will fit, personally, into your organization culture This is one of the major reasons why we have a better success rate. The competitive advantage and success of a company relies on its major asset- the people of the organization. We not only provide consultants for the current need but we also support our clients to forecast future trend in recruitment and develop staffing strategies.

Isoftech has experienced recruiters on board who are dedicated to source highly competent individuals to meet the needs of our clients. Being an in and out IT company, we ensure our team is leveraged to fully deliver resources across various technologies. Our recruiters are technically knowledgeable. The initially level of technical screening is done from our end. This is why our recruitment solution does not simply do “Job description-resume? word matching. When we receive a requirement, we own it; our recruiters completely know what they are looking for. ISoftech success has been achieved by its uncompromising efforts to achieve recruitment excellence.

ISoftech is well positioned to deliver full service IT consulting that provides the necessary products to implement, integrate, maintain and support the software needs of your business. Our professionals offer a rich portfolio of skills and experience; they will work with you and your team to create innovative, yet practical, solutions to your address your most pressing IT challenges. Our global experience and local delivery capability, enables us to:

ISoftech Methodology

The Isoftech Methodology is a phased project rollout method designed to quickly see the value of your investment. Isoftech consultants use the method to identify and address key strategic and tactical issues, and to develop a blueprint for the progress of the project. The ISoftech Methodology optimizes every aspect of our services for your particular company-from needs assessment to deployment and training... to ongoing hosting and solution enhancements. You get a clearly delineated, end-to-end plan designed to help your company:

ISoftech is an ideal partner- whether it is an “we need it now requirement? for a niche skill, project based need, or for long term requirement, there is a reason why you should contact us: