Web Services

As an enterprise with total systems and applications integration, you can deliver a multitude of information services to your key personnel, customers, and vendors. The knowledge user within or outside your enterprise can synthesize, analyze, and customize information to the extent allowed based on their role or activity. By providing information portals based on their role or activity, you can achieve accurate business planning, timely decision making, and boost productivity of your personnel. Using web services you can provide information portals that are customized to your current and prospective customers and business partners.

Web services are sets of information services that provide customized views of business information to people based on their role or activity. With web services, you can provide information portals that make the right information available to the right people based on their role.

Once connectivity is achieved at the systems and applications level, the information exchanged by applications need to be transformed into data formats that are valid within the applications. Information to be exchanged can be represented in industry standard formats like self-describing XML, and other customized data formats that are translated through data connectors and adaptors.